Cosmo Prime® Dehumidifier

Area Coverage.

Half the size but twice as powerful.

Cosmo Prime is so powerful that it covers areas as large as a 5-room HDB.

Cosmo Prime® Dehumidifier

Works In Any Humidity Levels.

Featured with auto calibration system that will be adjusted to your desired humidity level.

Cosmo Prime® Dehumidifier

Easy To Clean.

The water tank is able to hold large amount of water. With it’s built in auto shut off system, you do not need to worry about leaking water if it has reached its maximum capacity. Emptying out the water tank is hassle free, with a simple pull out mechanism. 

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Designed in Germany, produced Globally Cosmo air purifiers would not be what they are without the people behind the product and the global effort to constantly push the limits. Cosmo puts every model through 20+ tests every 6 months, and every model comes out better than the last. Cosmo Prime® Purifier 2020 has undergone 7 significant upgrades from the year before, such as: a lighter and sturdier fan that cut decibel count by 6%; higher density activated carbon, improvements in the purifier software and sensors; finer mesh filter to decontaminate the air with more efficiency and much more.

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